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Call key Democrats: Block and Resist Mike Pompeo

Call key Democrats: Block and Resist Mike Pompeo

Trump is building a war cabinet and, today, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee can help stop him. Every Democrat on the committee must refuse to send Mike Pompeo's nomination to the senate floor. Will you call now?


Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I’m calling to tell the senator to vote no on reporting Mike Pompeo's nomination out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today.

I appreciate that the senator has already said [he/she] is opposed to Pompeo but it's important to send an even stronger message of disapproval by refusing to vote to send his nomination to the Senate floor.

I am counting on the senator to vote against discharging Pompeo and to use [his/her] position on the Foreign Relations Committee to send a powerful statement that confirming an anti-Muslim, pro-war extremist like Pompeo would be a dangerous, reckless choice for the Senate to make.

Thank you for your time.

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