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Call Senate Democrats: Stop war with Iran

Call Senate Democrats: Stop war with Iran

We expect Trump to decertify the Iran nuclear deal this week, before the looming Oct. 15 deadline.

Congress needs to step up and defend our national interest and security from Trump’s reckless and dangerous warmongering. We have to make sure they know that no matter what Trump does, Congress must defend the Iran nuclear deal and stop the Trump regime’s march toward yet another reckless war of choice in the Middle East.

Call key Senate Democrats today.


Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m calling to urge the senator to block and resist Trump’s attempts to put us on a path to war with Iran.

It’s crucial that the United States does not reimpose sanctions on Iran, even if Trump de-certifies the Iran nuclear deal.

Will the senator do everything they can to keep us out of war with Iran?

Thank you.

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