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Cities must stand with immigrants against Trump’s hate

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"Take a public stand against Donald Trump’s xenophobic agenda. Do everything in your power to ensure that our city implements policies and practices that protect immigrants from harassment, detention and deportation by ICE, the Border Patrol or other government agencies."

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    Cities must stand with immigrants against Trump’s hate

    Two to three million immediate deportations. That is what Donald Trump recently promised for the first days of his administration.1 At CREDO, we are committed to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with every community Trump attacked, threatened and marginalized in his campaign of hate. The time for allies to step up and speak out to support the immigrant community is now.

    If Trump’s federal government is going to terrorize, harass and deport undocumented immigrants, then we must demand that local governments take the lead in protecting them. We are doing everything we can to keep Trump out of the White House.2 But, at the same time we must preemptively organize and demand that cities across the country do everything in their power to protect immigrants.

    Tell mayors and city council members: Publicly reject Trump’s xenophobic agenda and do everything in your power to protect immigrants.

    A Trump presidency changes everything for undocumented immigrants. He not only wants to conduct mass deportations, but he also wants to revoke DACA, President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order, stripping 742,000 young people who were brought to the United States as children of their immigration status. Two-thirds of undocumented immigrants have lived in the United States for over a decade.3 Mass deportation means breaking-up families, orphaning children and forcing people to build new lives in unfamiliar countries.

    We must start advocating for protections at the grassroots and local levels now. Increasing the number of sanctuary cities across the country is a good place to start.

    The Sanctuary Movement began in the 1980s when faith communities across the country offered refuge to immigrants fleeing from conflict zones in Central America. Since then, the movement has grown to include universities, cities, counties and states with policies in place that make it more difficult for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to identify and deport undocumented immigrants. Right now, dozens of sanctuary cities have laws on the books that limit cooperation with ICE: from prohibiting municipal employees from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status, to banning the use of city resources, programs and funding to aid federal immigration officers. None of the policies prevent the police from doing their job of stopping crimes and keeping communities safe.4

    Trump’s xenophobic agenda is nothing new. It’s the same dangerous logic U.S. politicians used to justify Japanese internment camps in the 1940s. It’s up to us to protect undocumented immigrants from Trump’s racist scapegoating. Act now to demand that your leaders take action to protect our undocumented neighbors, friends and family from Trump’s hate.

    Tell mayors and city council members: Publicly reject Trump’s xenophobic agenda and do everything in your power to protect immigrants.

    Trump thinks that undocumented immigrants are criminals who contribute nothing to America. But the reality is that the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States today pay more than $11 billion in state and local sales, property and income taxes every year.5 Undocumented immigrants have invested more money in public schools, roads and infrastructure than Trump, who hasn’t paid federal income taxes for 18 years. 6

    With so many conflict zones around the world and with natural resources continuing to be privatized and exploited by multinational corporations, the number of people displaced by war, climate change and corporate greed will only increase. Every person has the right to seek refuge from conflict, live free from persecution and strive for better economic opportunities for their family. Our country was founded on these core principles, and we must not abandon them now.

    Trump has threatened to withdraw federal funding from sanctuary cities but that hasn’t stopped mayors in current sanctuary cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York from reaffirming their commitment to remain places of refuge and hope for all immigrants. Will you join us in standing with our friends at United We Dream and others in the immigrant rights community who have called for a national movement of people demanding their cities become spaces of safety for immigrants?7

    Tell mayors and city council members: Publicly reject Trump’s xenophobic agenda, and do everything in your power to protect immigrants.

    Thank you for standing up for undocumented immigrants.


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