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Tell Governor Brown: Ban fracking now.

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"There are no regulations that can make fracking safe. Only an outright ban on fracking will protect Californians from fracking's harmful effects on our health, our communities, and the climate. Scrap your inadequate proposal to regulate fracking and ban fracking outright."

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    Tell Governor Brown: Ban fracking now.

    Fracking is happening in California, and currently this toxic oil and gas extraction process is largely unregulated.

    But instead of doing the responsible thing of putting a stop to dangerous fracking, Governor Brown this week released draft fracking regulations for California that are so full of loopholes for the gas industry that some are calling the regulations "worse than nothing."1

    Tell Governor Jerry Brown: Ban fracking now.

    No regulations can make fracking safe, but some regulations are worse than others. And the proposed rules for California are notably weak.2

    Fracking companies would be allowed to keep secret the chemicals they blast underground if they claim them as 'trade secrets.' Health professionals who treat patients suffering from exposure to fracking chemicals would even have to sign non-disclosure agreements to obtain information about what chemicals their patients were exposed to!

    And the trade secrets exemption is just the beginning. When a chemical spill occurs,3 the industry would be allowed to wait five days before reporting it to regulators. And, absurdly, the industry isn't required to conduct baseline water and air quality tests before fracking, making it nearly impossible to hold fracking companies accountable for the messes they make.

    People living near fracked wells are left unprotected from toxic fracking air emissions and fracking wastewater. And, incredibly for California, the regulations fully ignore the seismic risks which scientists are increasingly linking to fracking's high pressure, deep geologic drilling.

    Tell Governor Jerry Brown: Ban fracking now.

    The rush to frack California's Monterey Shale is just heating up. Earlier this month, in absence of the just-proposed fracking regulations, the Bureau of Land Management auctioned off almost 18,000 acres of oil and gas leases in the Central Valley, and we expect more auctions in the near future.

    Flimsy regulations aren't enough to clean up the toxic mess that fracking has left in its wake in states across the country. Fracking is a serious threat to our communities, and we deserve a serious response: an outright ban on fracking. So now is a critical time for us to draw a line in the sand and demand a permanent end to this poisonous threat.

    Tell Governor Jerry Brown: Ban fracking now.

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